You'll find me at the intersection of Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, thriving on both science and magic. I can run you through the major players in Welsh mythology, and then I can put all the characters and events into a killer spreadsheet. And I can do it in either LA or London and in either accent. I'll probably be wearing a high-waisted skirt at the time.

I would survive in the Hunger Games by being surprisingly badass for my size, extremely sensible, and able to levitate at will. In the FBI, I'd be the odd one who never planned to be a fed but was recruited for my special skills. I may or may not currently have a recurring role as a social anthropologist living post-zombie apocalypse who sometimes saves the world by knowing super-obscure historical details but mostly saves libraries by risking her own neck to protect them.

Past lives may have included fixing planes in the 1940s and travelling medieval Europe with a troupe of musicians.

I'm really very short.

Standard American accent | Dual US/UK citizenship